Transitional Forms

April 11, 2010

Sometimes things just strike me as remarkably funny, and I cannot explain why they make me laugh.

For example:

Pretty soon they’re going to be telling us that people evolved from cats.

I am sorry if you did not laugh. I recognize that sometimes my humor does not translate. Like the time my co-worker was wondering why her desk had a small, cubby space in it, enclosed by a small, swinging door.

“It is not useful space,” she said.

I told her, “It is where the puppies are kept.”

And I still laugh out loud about that moment.

You do not need to tell me. I know it is not really funny.


August 25, 2008

It’s bed time. But here are a few bullet points of stuff because I don’t have time to write a real post:

– D’s sister E left yesterday morning to head back to college to complete her senior year. I miss her already.

– I bought a plane ticket to go home for Christmas (!!!!). Guys, if you want to go home for Christmas and need to purchase a flight, start looking now. A lot of flights for me were already over $600. Comparatively, I got a good deal on mine, but I still needed help from Dad’s credit card.

– I’m going to San Francisco this weekend to celebrate my birthday with best friend L. Her birthday was Thursday, and…

– My birthday is today. 26. Sheesh. I’ve been celebrating since about 2 weeks ago when D threw a surprise party for me (early because he wanted to be able to surprise me), then my co-workers threw a little party for me on Thursday (2 of them will be gone tomorrow), and next weekend I’ll be doing more celebrating with L. I told D the other day that this birthday has been like what I imagine Hanukkah is like, and then I called the month of August “Ann-ukkah.”

– Lately I’ve been thinking that if I were a cat, I would have already used up 5 of my 9 lives. Good thing I’m not a cat. The lives: Homeschool, High School, College, After College, L.A.

– I’ve been watching My So-Called Life this past weekend and have a crush on Jordan Catalano. I have a degree in English. I could teach him to read! I’m reminded of my huge Devon Sawa crush in 6th grade.

– I went to the beach on Saturday. Be proud of me for taking advantage of it.

– Good night.