Before you know it, May 3 turns into May 25. It has been 22 days since my last confession. Forgive me.

I went to New York.

It was very grand and beautiful, and most certainly not Orange County, California.

Some very generous people allowed me and my co-worker Cristina to stay with them.
They live right across the street from Barbara Streisand’s former residence.
And right across the street from Central Park.

They also have a dog who only eats real steak and chicken alfredo.

This is the view of Central Park from their living room. Not bad.

This was my view one morning as I ate breakfast and made friends with the pigeons.

My friend Leah was there from San Francisco at the same time as I.
We went to the MOMA.
This is a painting by Marc Chagall called I and the Village.

This is an illegal, ILLEGAL!!!, photo I took during the William Kentridge film and animation exhibit.
I wanted to see what the camera would do with the light.

Art is great and all…

But ladies in dresses with sunbathers in the background are even better.
Please note the sandwich in my left hand and my exceedingly good hair day.

Thank you.

It was a busy weekend.

There ought to be a term for getting home on a Monday night, falling into bed at 5:30 p.m., going to sleep, missing your Monday-night accountability group, and almost sleeping right through bedtime on into morning if not for the phone call that made you get up and force yourself to stay awake until 10:30. I’m not saying this happened to me. I’m just saying there ought to be a term for it. Flakehaustion, maybe?

I directed a photo shoot for work on Saturday. It was a glorious day to do it, and we got some amazing photos, but man those days are hectic and tiring. On Sunday, I got together with some old and dear friends who were up visiting from San Diego. I love meeting up with people from my past life, the past life in which I was a high school student working at the local newspaper.

After brunch, I went home and sewed all day. Last week roommate Katrina and I went and picked out fabric to make some curtains for our bathroom.

Measure twice, cut once. (I love sewing tools like carpenter a loves his awl.)

Isn’t the fabric fun? These birds were telling me about their life experiences.

As I cut them.

These three are my favorite: “Hi. Hi. HI!”

They have co-dependency and anxiety issues but know how to throw a good party for anyone who stops by the branch. That teal apple? It makes great cider, if you know what I mean.

They told me all about it.

There’s nothing in the world like a good iron with lots of steam. It’s a must-have for sewing projects.

There’s nothing in the world like an ironing board about which one must apologize before opening and closing, because its scream resonates throughout the whole house.

I believe it has arthritis.

This is my great little machine. It’s nothing super fancy, but it’s a great beginner machine because it’s so easy to thread and use. As you can see, I have my direction book out. I ran into some bobbin issues, which I was quickly able to remedy with the help of the instruction booklet.

The curtains are finished and up. Last night on the phone, Mom asked, “Can I see a picture of them finished?”

I said, “After I clean the bathroom.”

The same goes for you, Internet. Finished project photos forthcoming.