Thanksgiving Approacheth.

November 20, 2008

A few years ago when I was a part of a wonderful little RA staff at my alma mater, our Resident Director, a dear friend of mine named LR, asked each of us to spend an evening comprising a list of 100 things we are thankful for. I have been making a list like this ever since, and even though Thanksgiving is a week away, I want to start early so I have more time to ruminate upon the beautiful things in my life. Also, tonight I am dealing with a huge helping of CRAZY, because I was sick earlier this week and took a vacation day today, and tomorrow work is going to be very, very busy. I get anxious at times like these, even though I know I will eventually I will get caught up. So, without further ado, welcome back to girlfromthenorthcountry, and here is my list:

1. My parents
2. My brother, his wife, and their two kids
3. D and L
4. Friends old and new
5. Being young and single
6. G, N, T, J, and sometimes V: The Writers’ Group
7. A good job
8. Cool roommates and a safe and convenient living situation
9. That I get to go home for Christmas
10. That home is such a comforting, amazing place
11. That I am learning to love Los Angeles more and more each day

And now they just sort of take on a random order… too many to sit here and think through the hierarchy:

12. A car that runs even if it is getting up there in miles
13. Sunshine
14. The few rainy days… love them
15. That L.A. squelches my wanderlust daily
16. The beach
17. The opportunity this past month to impress my boss
18. That I have always been a good sleeper, never had to deal with insomnia
19. That anxiety has been rearing its ugly head less and less lately
20. That God gave me the ability to laugh at many things
21. A background of varied experiences, which have given me a diverse perspective on life
22. A future of varied experiences, which will expand that perspective on life
23. A brain
24. Sensitivity
25. That God gave me the ability to listen to people and learn from them
26. That God gave me friends who encourage me to talk when listening is my first tendency
27. Music
28. Poetry
29. Creativity
30. Encouragement
31. Books
32. Movies
33. All the pets I’ve had in my life
34. The prospect of owning a dog in the future
35. The prospect of publishing a book in the future
36. Toothpaste
37. Clean drinking water
38. Camping
39. Puppies
40. Chocolate chip cookies
41. laughter, laughter, laughter, and plenty of it
42. Legs that work, and don’t look so bad, either
43. Blonde hair. Superficial, I know, but seriously.
44. That Chicago trip I went on in college that changed my life. Not kidding.
45. That Ireland trip I went on in college that transformed me into an adult.
46. Adventures with friend AA. So dang fun… Ireland, N. Ireland, London, L.A., Santa Fe, etc. etc. etc.
47. That my brother and I have always been very good friends
48. That I got to be there when our first dog passed away
49. That God found Francis the Kitten the best home I could’ve hoped for when I moved to California
50. That every compliment I receive is a reflection of what a great family I have. Seriously. You ought to meet my mom.
51. The luxury of dreaming
52. That even though I am not ready to get married right now, it is something I still have to look forward to with great excitement
53. Same as above regarding having kids, though I must admit that being an aunt is pretty awesome
54. My grandma. Grandma D. What a matriarch. And so funny too.
55. Hymns
56. That women can vote, have jobs, and even wear pants
57. Education

It’s late. I’m going to continue this tomorrow.