Oh What a Weekend, Late January Back in ’08…

January 28, 2008

It’s amazing how just seeing your best friend can fill your life with an aura of calm that you have not felt for a long, long time. That aura of calm definitely enveloped me when best friend L arrived on Thursday evening. It increased its envelopment of me when, on Friday afternoon, I received a call from my future employer, offering me a job.

Beginning Wednesday, I am employed as an assistant by a small, privately owned, organic juice company in Santa Monica. My work place is about four blocks from where Roommate J works and about a mile from the beach.

Oh, the exuberance. I am not a screamer nor a jumper, but if I were, screaming and jumping would ensue. Over the weekend, Roommates J and J and I also found a promising apartment.

I’d like to tell you a lot about all the incredible things we did this weekend, but that will have to wait until I have more time. Thanks for reading, friends and family, and thanks for praying for me. I appreciate your support and excitement.



9 Responses to “Oh What a Weekend, Late January Back in ’08…”

  1. rose4jc2 said

    hooray that is awesome news!

  2. Amity said

    Congratulations, Ann!

  3. Andria said

    Hooray! So happy to hear that things are falling into place for you.

  4. mark said

    Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you Ann, I think I’ll get the guitar and sing a praise

  5. Sadie said

    Yahoo1 Praise the Lord. I am very happy for you, Ann.

  6. Sadie said

    Oh dang, I meant Yahoo! not Yahoo1

  7. elaine said

    Yay-hoo! We continue to lift you up (and Dave says ‘hi’).

  8. Susi said

    HOORAY!!!! Soooo, that beach mat will get some use after all! LOL! The little I’ve seen of Santa Monica is enough–it is SO cool! Waytago!

    Cyber BIG hugs to you & roommates & friend L, & more prayers for the apartment. Give G & D hugs for me too.

    Love, Susi.

  9. Jennifer said

    Ann, I am so excited to hear more about the first day on the job! Like what you actually do for an organic juice company in CA. Congratulations! It is so exciting to see prayers answered.

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